Integrative Health Consultations are by Appointment only

Many Paths to Healing, LLC is not a primary care practice

The initial consultation is comprehensive. We will spend about two hours getting to know each other, and reviewing all of your medical history and all of your concerns about your health. Together we will make a plan for how to proceed to testing or treatment, based on which modality you wish to pursue. This is a collaborative process whereby we get to know each other, and we explore different options to address your concerns.

I do offer a complimentary telephone consultation to anyone who is interested in consulting with me. The purpose of the 20-minute phone consult is to let you know what my background is, and what my approach is. It also gives you an opportunity to describe your concerns about your health, so I can give you an idea of how I approach your health issue.

Contact me by email or phone to arrange a phone consultation or schedule your first appointment. I look forward to hearing from you!

Claire Mortimer, Family Nurse Practitioner of Many Paths to Healing, LLC