After being diagnosed with long-term Lyme disease, Claire and I worked together for over a year. She was always professional, very knowledgeable, and accessible. I learned about why I was taking the medications, as well as what I would feel from taking them. The bottom line is, I feel better than I have in 20 years and was cured of all of my lingering Lyme symptoms.
— Dennis Bracale, Bar Harbor
Claire is extremely committed to providing high quality in-depth treatment. Without the constraints of umbrella agencies or institutions, she is free to evaluate, research, and deliver compassionate health care. She has given me the kind of care on several issues that has been hard to match. I appreciate her help, and I feel a lot better.
— Don W, Bucksport
Claire Mortimer stays up to date about treating those, like myself, with Lyme disease. With her help and treatments, my symptoms have been greatly reduced. I am much less fatigued and overall I feel much better. I highly recommend her.
- Dick S, Orono
After having watched my husband go for more than a year being misdiagnosed with other diseases and not being helped, we finally asked to have him tested for Lyme disease. Fortunately he did test positive, so we knew what we were dealing with. Unfortunately we had difficulty finding someone that would treat him properly for Lyme disease. We finally found someone in New Hampshire, so traveled monthly from the Blue Hill Peninsula area to New Hampshire. He was treated with pharmaceutical dugs as well as herbals. After more than a year of treatment, he felt like a human being again.

Fast forward two years later, after a fall of several tick bites on me, I began to experience brain fog, joint pain and exhaustion. Both my husband and I suspected that I had Lyme Disease. Although I really liked the doctor that my husband was treated by, I was not so excited to travel to Hew Hampshire. I asked around and found out about about Claire Mortimer, FNP at Many Paths to Healing. Right from the start I liked her and felt good about putting myself in her hands. I have been seeing Claire for over a year now, and feel much better. Interestingly, I was treated very similarly with pharmaceutical drugs and herbals, just as my husband was - and I didn’t have to travel to New Hampshire to do so.

Karen M, Penobscot
I contracted Lyme disease around May of 2014. I never saw the tick. At that time, mainstream doctors weren’t very knowledgeable about Lyme, and they did not believe in chronic Lyme. So I struggled along for another three years until I was lucky enough to hear about Claire. I was going downhill, so after hearing her speak at my local library I made an appointment. I wish I had done so years before.
Claire is incredibly knowledgeable about the disease, and she treats it with many modalities. The results are excellent.
Claire informed me as to how she would treat me, why, and what to expect. She was right all the way. Claire is kind and caring. I trust her totally.
If she told me to hop on one foot every day for ten minutes, I would only ask, “right foot or left?”
Claire is the best. I am a happy patient full of gratitude.

Stephen Hildebrand, Surry